Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sione' - 3 Months

Pumpkin Butt,

You are 3 months old! THREE! I cant quite tell you how fast these 3 months have gone. I still feel like it was just yesterday that you arrived but yet it has somehow been 3 months.

You are so aware now. Your birght eyes searching your world. Filled with joy and love for all people and new things. I love your unguarded nature. You are happy with anyone who will have you. You trust so willingly that no one would do you harm and i admire that in your young soul.

You are sleeping through the night now. We have established a bedtime routine. We take a nice bath around 10, followed by a nice massage. This is your favorite part not including your bottle. That is something else new this month. You have started taking a small bit of rice cereal in your night time bottle. You love it so much you suck it down in an instant.

You are usually fast asleep by 11 and dont wake most of the time til 8 or 9. You are also still taking 2 or 3 naps through the day. Never more than an hour or an hour and a half. You are too nosy to sleep for to long. You enjoy sitting up and viewing your world.

Your new favorite person is your brother Phabian. He loves to talk to you andyou just eat it up. You laugh and coo when you hear his voice and it just brings me such joy to see you enjoy and admire your older brothers. You love to look on as MJ shows you his cars and even allows you to hold one in your lap on ocassion.

It has been a busy busy month but things are going wonderful. Sometimes i feel like we are still in the "newborn" haze and will wake up one day to find a toddler running around. You are growing so fast and i just am sitting back savoring every minute of it.

Love Always


Ellie said...

I stumbled onto your blog from another I frequently read. Your post prior to this one is dead on to how I feel, too. I think that is perhaps the hardest part of being a SAHM, the loss of any identity other than mommy, wife, cleaning lady and cook. Sometimes I want to run away too, at least for an hour or two!

casual friday every day said...

Beautiful baby!!!