Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reading (Kinda)

After the urging of about a gazillion friends i started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I must say i wasn't impressed with the first chapter. I felt a little lost and out of the loop.

Now i must say that i am only on chapter 3. I have found it hard to get into it like i normally do a book. By the beginning of the second chapter i was more into it but apparently not enough to make me want to read like crazy (as i normally do when i find a book that captures all of my attention).

I will finish it. And i think inevitably i will like it. I just wanted to throw this out there and see if it is just me. Have any of you found it hard to get into? Did you enjoy it in the end? Have you read the whole trilogy?

I guess i will let you know when i finish how it went.


Laura McIntyre said...

I loved the hunger games .

I don't remember if i got into it straight away or not -i tend to read a couple of books at once reading like quarter or one then quarter of the next etc.. and i know the second time i went back to it (so about quarter or the way through ) i could not stop and stayed up way past midnight finishing it.
I was the same with book 2 and 3 (although did not think they were as good as one). Think they were the best books i read last year.

Just finished another similar one Delirium by Lauren Oliver which is part 1 in a series (other parts now out yet) , would recommend it.

Shirliana said...

I also recently started hearing about this series, and so I got all three books for my IPad. The first book was exactly like you said... dry and hard to get into. But what kept me going was needing to know the outcome, so I painfully kept going. Eventually, I found myself really getting into it and once I finished the first book, started on the second. Finished that in one day - again - I just had to know the outcome. Now am on the third and last - woo - lots of interesting things and twisters galore! Keep up with it. I think you may like it more and more as you go along. :)