Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Homemade Doughnuts


Frozen yeast rolls
Powdered sugar
Vanilla or almond flavor

Layout how many ever rolls/ doughnuts you want to make. Put 12 per sheet pan an spread them so they have room to rise. Cover then with plastic wrap and let them rise according to the package directions.

Start heating your oil. Uncover your risen rolls. Use a shot glass or something about that size (I used a medicine cup that came off the kids motrin lol) cut the center out of the rolls. At this point they will deflate. Don't worry it doesn't affect the outcome.

When the oil is ready (I use one of the holes to test its readiness) put in a couple doughnuts at a time. It will only take a minute or so and then flip it over to brown the other side. Once the whole thing is golden brown take it out of the oil and place on a cooling rack for about 5-10 minutes.

While your doughnuts cool you can make your icing. Pour about 2 cups of powdered sugar in a bowl. Put in about a tsp of vanilla or almond flavor an whisk in milk til you get a silky texture. It shouldn't be too thin so add the milk slowly.

Once your doughnuts are fully cooled dip them in the icing (I use my fingers for this but u can use forks or any utensil you like.) I dip one side for things I am putting sprinkles or powdered sugar on and both for a regular glazed doughnut. Make sure you lay the dipped doughnuts back on a cooling rack so the excess icing can drip off. Add your sprinkled or powdered sugar as soon as you dip them and get them on the cooling rack so it will stick.

And enjoy!!!

Hope you like them!!


Mom24 said...

This sounds wonderful! Thanks Courtney. Hope you're doing well.

TheBookNerd said...

I tried this, and they were great! Thank you so much for it!!!