Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fed Up

I have had it with our school system. I really am just at my wits end. When i posted about Phabian's school problems almost a month ago i thought i was their but now i know i am. Since the last post i have talked to the teacher a few more times and attempted to get in contact with the vice principal and principal to no avail. I have left messages, and even showed up. Nothing! Nada!

Today we got his report card for the semester. He got all "s" (satisfactory) except one. He got a "n" (non satisfactory) in completes independent work carefully. So maybe this isnt a big deal to anyone else but to me it is odd that a 5 year old, boy to boot, is expected to write neatly. Maybe i am reading into this too much or wrong but to me it just seems a little overboard. To add to it at the bottom of the page where the teacher can leave comments she said and i will quote here:
"Phabian is still doing very well, and is a good reader. His behavior has changed a little in this past 9 weeks. I'm hoping its due to the holidays and excitement going on around here. I'm sure he will come back ready to work and learn."
Now it has never been brought up to us in any meeting that he wasn't willing and ready to learn. For that matter it has always been told to us that he is a great student and loves to learn. He always finishes assignments quickly and picks up fast on new things. So i am confused by that last sentence. If there is a lack of work ethic going on it needs to be addressed.

It seems to me like a brush off of everything i have talked to her about. Like it was never discussed between us that Phabian has been acting out and how we could possibly correct or divert this behavior. I am just a little livid at the way the school is treating this situation.

But this is not why i am tyoing today. What i came here was to ask for help. I have decided to look into home schooling. I am lost a little as to where to start. I know a lot of mothers who blog also home school and i would like to talk to you guys. Where did you start? What resourses do you use? How do you keep your sanity?

I am not sure if i can do it or not. I am not sure if it is a affordable option for us as well. All i know is i am not happy with the way things are going and short of camping out at the school to catch the vice/principal at a free moment i am lost. So please if you home school or know someone who home schools send them to me. Give them my email, blog, what ever it is that you can to get into contact with me. I just want to get information and make an educated decision.


Mom24 said...

Good luck Courtney, I can imagine how upset you are.

I thought about homeschooling, but in truth, it intimidates me a bit--all the things it might not occur to me that they need to know, but can really leave them short if they never learn, ya know? Like right now, in 4th grade, Jacob's working on writing analysis papers in different styles of writing. Believe me, that would not be on my radar to teach him.

I know one place to start is your local school district board office. They should be able to tell you requirements. You might find this helpful:

Good luck.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

If your state is like ours, you'll need to register beneath an umbrella group, (might not, depending), which will guide you through the things that he will need to know. He's in K, right? I think that when they're in K, which isn't even mandatory in a lot of places, it's prepping them to learn how to learn. Most of the skills are stuff he knows already, it's just a matter of applying them.

And frankly, homeschooling a kindergartener? Should only take about 2 hours a day, max. Makes you wonder what the schools do with the rest of the time, doesn't it?

I'll look up some of the resources we're going to use and send them your way.

You can do it! And if that's what's best for him, that's the right choice.

I've been reading and reading, just have had trouble posting comments lately! Thinking of you though!