Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cheer

So i have been trying really hard to shake this Grinchy mood i have been in.

Normally decorating the tree is a big hurdle for me. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my tree. I dont like muticolored lights (they are pretty but just not for me). If we do multicolored lights then all orniments must be white, silver, or clear to off set all the color madness. This year Hubby decided on blue lights. Which i was fine with but I insisted we do a theme of silver, blue, and white to match the tree skirt.

The 2nd difficult part is the actual decorating. I tend to want everything just right. Lights evenly dispersed, balls put everywhere with no colors the same touching. As you can imagine this is pretty hard to accomplish with 3 small children. So intern i usually need meds to get me through the experience (joking honestly i dont have meds but sometimes think it would  be useful lol).

This is the first year we have had a real tree. Needless to say, blue lights and a real tree dont mix. You can hardly see the lights. Frustrating and disappointing really. Also to add to the stress, Sione' is allergic to the tree as proven by the rash on his cute cherub face.

So this is the tree after we finished it:

Looks a little sparse right. That is because you cant see the lights...ugh! Plus Hubby never got the other family ornaments out of storage for us to put on the tree. BOO!

I wish i had a pic to show you of what it looks like now. All the balls have been moved to the top of the tree out of a certain 1 year olds hands. The garland is no longer neatly wrapped around the tree but instead tossed in bunches here and there. And the lights well, they are bunched as well.

What i have found though.....

i am not in the least bit concerned. It looks a mess and I am OK with it. I am not stressed, upset, or even the least bit frazzeled over the fact taht the tree looks insane.

It is a freeing feeling really.

I do plan on redoing it on Christmas Eve before we put the presents under it. Some Blueberry Candy Canes will be there hanging on branches on Christmas Morning. And yes Santa will get the credit. Not only does he bring presents but he also rearranges trees. He is one great guy really.

So with a week til Christmas i am finally starting to get a little more into the Holiday Spirit. I was beginning to think i was going to get a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future if things didnt turn around.

Hope you all are blessed and enjoy this season with your families.

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