Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doc Appointments

So we had doctor appointments today. All three got to see the doctor and have a good chat.

Phabian is up to date on his shots and should not have to have anymore til he is atleast 12. He is 43 ins tall and 41 lbs. His eye sight and hearing are both great. He got to show off by writing his name and identifying all of his colors. He is really proud of himself and had no problems. Dr. wrote us a prescription for both og the boys for there allergies and there exzema. She is 10 fold better than our last peditrician.

MJ is doing great although he will have to go back for his 4 year shots in about a month or so. He is 33 lbs now and 36 ins tall. He also got to write his name and tell her his name and age as well as his colors. He is such a ham. He was so apprehensive about the new doctor. He kept asking if she was going ot give him a shot lol. He finally warmed up to her when he realized she wasnt going to hurt him.

Sione' is 4 months old now. It amazes me every day how much he has changed in just 4 months. He weights 17lbs and is 25 ins long. He is able to pull up on your fingers and jump around in a bouncy. He is so strong and so sweet. He was not happy about his shots but now he is sleeping it all off. He goes back in 2 months.

So i am blessed to have 3 healthy happy growing boys. They are all smart as can be and happy. And that makes me a happy Mama!

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