Saturday, July 21, 2012

Here, There, Everywhere

We moved!

3 weeks ago we took a 9 hour trip with no intentions of returning anytime soon. We unpacked on very little sleep and put things together. We organized, unpacked, and cleaned. We pushed and pulled and ran in circles. And in the end we were here and exhausted.

I am forever grateful that my kids did amazing on this long trip. We left about 5 in the evening and they slept on and off, snacked, and chit chatted the whole way. The only bad part came when Sione started panicking over a lightening storm we went through. In that moment i saw the love between brother. MJ (Phabian was riding with his dad in the uhaul) grabbed Sione's hand and sweetly said, "its ok 'one(o-nay), ill hold your hand so you wont be scared no more"!

As I said to a friend who ask how we are adjusting, its a process. The vacation feeling has disappeared and reality has set in that we are not returning "home" anytime soon, but this place still doesn't quite feel like home YET. I know it will eventually, with time.

We have a new daily schedule that involves the pool or beach (living 20 mins from the beach is AWESOME) most days. The kids start school on August 22nd and are pretty excited about their new school. They have already made friends with the little kids around our neighborhood. Kinda goes to show that kids adjust much better then adults to new surroundings lol.

I am still not working but hubby started a few days after we got here. He is working evening shifts (3/4/5-10/11/12/1) which is a big adjustment for us all. The kids and I are use to him being home for the whole dinner/bath/bed routine. But alas someone has to pay the bills and right now it is falling solely on daddy. The good part of this is that it leaves our days wide open to adventuring around our new city (which if you have never been to Charleston, SC please put it on your Must Visit List! It is a stunningly beautiful city.)

On the big upside, i am entertaining the idea of re-enrolling in school. Not anytime soon but possibly next fall (when i am considered a state resident and tuition is cheaper lol). It has always been my dream to attend culinary school and with a amazing school close by it is an even more realistic possibility now. I'm pretty excited about it but hesitant as i don't really know how well it will fit into our daily life. gotta have dreams thought right!

So I'm going to throw this out there for the few readers i might have left lol. I don't update much here anymore (if that isn't obvious enough) unless i have the spare time. However, as convenience (read smart phones) tends to go, you can find me daily on Facebook, Instagram(chaosisus), Pinterest, and Tumblr (although i am pretty new to Tumblr so i haven't actually posted anything yet)!

I hope all of you are having a blast and living life to the fullest. I'm off to wait on my hubby to get home from work.

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Mom24 said...

Good luck Courtney. I wish you all the best.