Monday, March 28, 2011

What To Say

I have been feeling very blah here lately.

I was sick all this past week. I has strep throat which I haven't had since I was like 10. Then when that let up my allergies kicked in and I got all sinus infectionie.

I feel very removed right now. I have been withdrawing recently. Kind of sequestering myself. Lets call it self-quarenteening.

I was sick so I put myself in my room and shut the door. My Hubby who is the best man ever took care of me. Now I am better and I just don't want to come back out.

Maybe it is the after sickness blues. Maybe it is just laziness. I don't really know.

In the mean time I am trying to indulge in the below.

1 comment:

Mom24 said...

Hope you're feeling more like your old self soon.

I can not believe how much Marcus is looking like you!

No worries about not blogging, sometimes it's just not there. I think we all go through that.