Friday, August 13, 2010

Sione' - 8 and 9 Months

Dear Weeble Wobble,

It has been a wild couple of months. You are growing so fast and we can hardle keep up with all your developing skills. You are a fast learner but still tend to do things on your own time and accord.

At 8 months you started standing and scooting along stuff and are now full on walking. You wobble around and look a little like a penguin when you walk because you dont bend your knees but it just makes it all the more adorable to watch. You always have a smile on your face when you are walking and hardly ever cry when you fall down. You are just amazing.

You also like to climb. You busted your lip last month trying to climb the entertainment center. It is kinda built in a step like patteren and i guess for you it is just an invitation. You also like to climb on your stroller when you aren't setting in it. You make mommy and daddy a nervous wreck but we wouldn't change it for the world.

You are getting so big now. I am not sure how tall you are but you are probably creeping up on the 25 pound mark. Your hair has came back full force and is full of beautiful curls. I love to just play with your curls and brush your hair. Mommy wishes she had hair like you.

You are teething again which isnt very fun. You tend to get very cranky; especially when you are hot. Which is a lot lately because we go to Phabian's football practice everyday and the heat has been ridiculous. We spend a lot of the time watching from the car, running out the gas with the AC on. Anything to make my baby happy.

You are now putting yourself to sleep, which makes me kind of sad. You hardly ever let us rock you anymore. We just lay you down in your crib and tuck you in and you snuggle withyour blanket and fall fast asleep. It  is great that you do this but at the same time i wonder where did my little baby go.

You now wave bye bye to everyone and also enjoy jabbering on the phone to anyone and everyone. No one can catch a syllable of what you say but it is cute none the less. We have our little baby conversations and you still reuse to say Mama unless you are crying and want something. However you are still 150% a Mama's Boy. You like others to hold you and you want all the attention to yourself but you always come back to me after a minute or 2.

You are eating so good. You eat more table/finger foods now. Your favorite is the little Gerber Pasta Pick-Ups Spinich and Cheese. I cut them in half and you just go to town. You also love any and all fresh fruit. However you are not big on meat at all. We tried some of the meat sticks and foods and you just nibble and then push them away. I guess it will take some time before you get into them. You are only taking 3 bottles a day now. 8 ounces each in the morning, afternoon, and night.

You sleep beautifully. You havent woken up in the middle of the night in a long long time (knock on wood). You go to bed around 8 or 9 and wake up around 6 or 7 depending on if it is a school day or not. You tend to take 3, one hour naps a day but some times cut it down to 2 long naps. Depends on what we have to do that day and what mood you are in.

We are so extremely luck to have you in our life. You are a joy to love and hold and make mommy and daddy do happy. Everyone who sees you loves you and exclaims how handsom you are. We couldnt be more proud of you.

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Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

he's getting SO BIG! Your boys are Adorable! Can he talk to my big ole mama's boy about going to sleep on his own? I know I'll miss it, but I'd like a complete night. ;)