Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Wanna Smash Something!!!!!

So i am going to go off on a very short rant here. Pls bear with me! (And pardon my grammer, cursing, and any shorthand typing)

My land lord called us earlier and ask if we had dropped off our rent check yet. My husband informed him that we did indeed drop the check off in his mailbox on Monday. He then informed us that he did not recieve it and needed us to write him another one.

Well it costs me $34 dollars to viod the first check that HE lost. My husband was to chicken shit to call him back and tell him that we were taking the $34 dollars out of the check so I manned up and did it.

I politely told him that since he could not find the check that i would be removing the check cancelation fee of $34 from this months rent. I think since HE lost the check that it is his fault not ours and i shouldnt have to pay out of pocket for his mistake (especially since i dont have the extra money).

Anyways he asks me then when can he have the other $34 and i am like really are you frickin kiddin me?????? So i told him screw it he could have it out of our next paycheck onthe 16th!!!!

I am so livid right now. He is nothing but a slum lord. Out kitchen sink is broke, the floor in the dinning room is starting to fall threw (and has been since we moved in 2 years ago), the bathroom sink and toliet stays stopped up, and he refuses to fix anything. Always asking if we know anyone who can fix it for us or could we have my Husband's Uncle (who also rents off this man the house behuind ours). I mean he is good for nothing and rents piece of crap houses that unfortunaly we fell into because the was all we could afford at the time.

Now we have no omoney to move and i feel like if i dont get the hell out of here i just might throw something and break a damn window. I am sick of living in a sucky neighborhood, with a sucky land lord, and having to pay for other peoples fricken mistakes.

Seriously does anyone know of any laws that this crap falls under? Right now i am just in the right mind to sue the crap outta the guy if i could find a way to do it! i feel a bit better. Thanks for baring with me.


molly said...

I don't know that laws but I did have the same situation where the landlord didn't receive the check. Thankfully he's a fair landlord (in DC no less) and paid the cost of the canceled check. Where do you think the check went? That's the sketch part. Could it show up sometime?

Ellie said...

I would say that at the very least, you have the right to break the lease without penalty. In actuality, he has already broken the contract by not repairing what is broken. Under any standard legal lease, the landlord must fix problems, and keep the house "livable". You may not have money to move, but when you do you should definately be able to break the lease without penalty, since he clearly already has.