Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I Did in 2009

Well besides gestating a baby, giving natural birth, and cuddling 3 handsome, healthy boys!

I did a whole lot of reading. I mean when you are pregnant for a whole year (yes i realize you are not pregnant for a whole year but when you find out at the beginning of March and don't give birth til November it feels like a whole year) what else is there to do to pass the time besides read, write, and take care of your family.

So i added it up and i am pretty sure i read 12 books. That is probably (and i am sad to say) the most books i have read in the past 5 years combined (not counting children's books lol). I remembered how much i love to read and how entrapping a book can be. I threw myself into these stories and allowed myself to become part of the book and the characters.

So what are these wonderful books i read? Well don't be shocked when i tell you lol!

The first ones i read i was very hesitant to read. The Twilight Series was not even on my radar until i saw the preview for the movie when it was coming to theaters. I remember telling my friend that i refused to see the movie until i had read the book. It then took me another 6 months or more before i actually started reading the books.

Yes i said 6 months! See i have this problem, or so i thought i did, with series books. I usually shy away from any popularized, teen/tween, written for movies, type books. I would usually just opt to see the movie and say forget the hyped up books. I never read R.L. Stine Goosebumps books as a kid. I stayed far away from Stephen King books as an adult. I have never even picked up a Harry Potter book. I realize now that it was probably a big mistake. Alas i didn't know what i was missing.

The Twilight Series sucked me in. I am now in the not so exclusive Twihards club. Everything from the characters to the scenery i created in my imagination fully engulfed me. I finished the series in just 3 weeks. I was left sad when i finished and begging for something else to fill the void that i was left with.

I had purchased Angels and Demons by Dan Brown at the same time i started reading Twilight so i had that on the back burner waiting. Since i had already read The Da Vinci Code a few year back so i figured i would give it a try. Now i can hardly wait for my friend to pass me her copy of Lost Symbol! The Langdon Series is a interesting read. Dan Brown mixes fiction with history so well that you barley realize you are learning something as you become involved in the adventures of Robert Langdon.

Then a friend filled my vampire craving void with P.C. and Kristen Cast's series House of Night. There are six books so far and i have downed them all. With six more to come i can barley contain myself till the seventh is released. These have also been adapted to be made into movies and i just wonder when that adventure will begin.

P.C. Cast is a teacher and has entwined the worlds of vampire and high school so well that if you didn't know better you might think you were reading about a human high school. There are clicks and drama and the ever so "high school" boyfriend problems. It takes me back to a time when i was 16 and in high school.

I also started Alyson Noel's Immortals Series. I only have read the first, in the series of three, Evermore so far but i look forward to making time to start on the rest. It is a lot like Twilight but shorter and with less details. I can't say it was the best book i have ever read but none the less i was sucked in and will definitely be reading the rest of the series as it comes out.

Now i have started on another vampire series by Richelle Mead called Vampire Academy. It is good so far but i am taking longer to read than normal due to all the baby loving i have going on right now. There are four books out for far with the 5th and 6th due to be released this year! I have a lot of reading to do.

So i have two more Immortal books to read, three and a half Vampire Academy books to read, and then waiting on the next installment of the House of Night. I will eventually move away from the vampires and on to something else lol. I think i would love to read James Patterson books (specifically The Women's Murder Club Series). I love a good mystery/adventure.

Anyways the whole point is i never knew what i was missing! I love series books no matter how popular they are. I will always read the book before i view the movie from here on out because 9 times out of 10 the book is so much better. So throw me a line here! What series could you not put down? I need to make a wish list!

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Mom24 said...

I'm very impressed that you could find ANY time to read! Great job.

Glad too that you found things you enjoy, more than half the battle, for sure.