Saturday, July 2, 2011

Marriage Counceling

(Did I spell that right? Cause I don't think I did.)

So this post doesn't have anything to do with my husband and my relationship. We are just fine thankyouverymuch!

This is about a possible future for me. A perfession I have been told time and time again I would be excellant at.

I'm not certain about it but apparently others think I would make a perfect marriage/relationship councelor (still don't feel right).

I am always talking with friends and giving guidence. I am always ask how I have such a successful marriage. I usually look at people crazy when they give me that comment.

The truth is my marriage is anything but perfect. We are human and imperfect by nature. No one has the "perfect" relationship. It isn't realistic to even think its possible.

What I do have is a functional relationship. We work hard at it to. There are days where we probably don't even want to see each other but we grin and bare it to push past it.

We talk a lot (well I talk a lot. He's a man therefore by nature not an emotional sharer). We communicate. And most importantly we never go to bed mad with one another.

Going to bed mad = waking up still mad or worse.

This is the same advice I pass on to others when ask. Honesty, trust, communication, and understanding are the keys to happiness. It takes work. And sometimes your going to get your feelings hurt because, guess what, sometimes the truth hurts.

I don't think this qualifies me as a good counselor, but I guess if I go back to school anytime soon I atleast have a field of interest.

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