Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Vacation Report

So i told you before i have about a gazillion pictures to share, right! Well i got most of them uploaded onto my Photobucket account and you can all view them now. But before i link allow me to tell you all about it.

When we left we first stopped off in beautiful historic Savannah, Georgia! Did you gather that from my picture the other day of Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons Restaurant sign? We were there from Thursday through Sunday for my Maternal Grandma's family reunion. I must say i had never been there but i would definitely go back. Not only is it beautiful but the weather is great. It was sunny and warm the whole time we were there.

We were able to take a tour of historic down town. I must say the architecture is stunning. It reminded me a lot of historic Charleston, SC. They take great pride in restoring the old building to look as original as possible.The food was so yummy i cant even begin to tell you. There is nothing better than fresh seafood and homemade recipes. I mean comfort food is one of the best things ever. Who wouldn't like a great piece of fried chicken or some yummy seasoned broiled shrimp!
And the beach...oh let me tell you how beautiful the beach was. They were releasing Sea Turtles the day we were there but unfortunately i can not show you any pictures of that as my kids were too impatient to stick around and watch. What i do have is a very cute baby butt and some beautiful waves.Ok ok i know what you are thinking. Someone tell her to shut up all ready and give us a link to the pictures. So here ya go! Enjoy Savannah, Ga through our eyes!

Tomorrow i will share more about the rest of out vacation in the Sunshine State of Florida.

PS...My doc appointment went great yesterday. I am +1 lb from my pre-pregnancy weight. My BP was 108/80. The midwife was easily able to find The Bugs heartbeat and although i didnt get a number i can tell you it was a strong beat. I wish there was more to tell but it was a quick appointment!


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Love the church shot and the cute little one! :)

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Momma said...

what a great trip!!!

and glad to hear the pregnancy is going well! :)